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Custom Solutions for Truly Clean Water

Our treatment systems solve issues causing poor taste, foul smells, contamination, and more—so you can enjoy pristine water throughout your home. All with the same great service and reliability you can expect from the makers of LeafFilter!

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Get Safer Water in 3 Steps

Step 1: Call

Fill out a quick form to schedule your free in-home water test. It only takes a minute.

Step 2: Test

Fill out our form to schedule your fee in-home water test. It only take a minute.

Step 3: Install

We’ll install your new water treatment system quickly and professionally.

Step 1: Call

Fill out a quick form to schedule your free in-home water test. It only takes a minute.

Step 2: Test

Our experts will tell you exactly what's in your water and recommend the right solution.

Step 3: Install

We'll install your new water treatment system quickly and professionally.

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Our Water Systems Eliminate:

Professionally-Installed Water Treatment

Custom solutions for your water problems. Not sure which one fits your home’s needs? Start with a free water consultation and speak with one of our experts.

Whole-Home Water System

Custom-built to your specific water needs to ensure you get the cleanest and healthiest water throughout your home, our whole home systems utilize the highest grade of media combined with UV, Reverse Osmosis, and Smart Valve technology.

Salt-Free Conditioner + Carbon Filtration

Salt- and chemical-free water treatment solution for homes on hard, chlorinated municipal or city water. This one-of-a-kind, salt-free combination water treatment system provides great tasting, odor free, high-quality water to your home.

Reverse Osmosis Water System

Reverse Osmosis technology combined with Advanced Micro-Filtration installs under your sink and delivers on-demand pristine water to a dedicated faucet, your refrigerator, and ice maker. Recommended addition to every home!

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Satisfied Homeowners​


Leaf Home Water Solutions provides a free water test at every home. A member of our team will scientifically sample and assess your water, so we will be able to show you exactly what is in it. We’ll also be able to present a solution for your unique situation.

Hard water affects a majority of homeowners, and we oftentimes overlook its impact. You may see hard water create residue or spots on dishes and glassware, cause soap scum buildup in your shower, or lead to yellowed, dingy whites coming out of the laundry.

A water treatment system can be installed in your garage, outside or anywhere else where we can obtain access to your water source and electricity. Every home is different, but we have a solution for each unique situation.

As residences throughout the U.S. receive their water from different sources, water quality tends to vary from home to home. During your free water test, a Leaf Home Water Solutions representative will discuss the best water treatment solution for your home based on what they find in your water. Financing options are available.